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Who's Patrycja

Conscious Life Resolutions Coach

Through my own life experiences of relationships and being an independent parent, business person, who grew up in Poland and have lived her entire adult life in London I have developed a keen interest in Human emotions, their source as well as resolutions. My journey of self development as a conscious being have been supported by my practice of Yoga and Meditation as well as different mind training techniques like ACIM (A Course in Miracles), The Silva Method and The Sedona Method. I have decided to become a Guide to Conscious Life Resolutions after years of teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. I found that my students require more than just a yoga session. That they would like to go even deeper in resolving their situations and whatever might have shown up during the practice. I work in a very calm manner and use different techniques to help you understand and dissolve old attachments and anything that might be preventing you from reaching your full potential and peace of mind.

Crossing the River

Life Coaching Sessions

"Father, Your Holiness is mine.
Your Love created me, and made my sinlessness forever part of You.
I have no guilt nor sin in me, for there is none in You"

ACIM, W-235.2:1-3

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